Posted January 31, 2014

Watch: Jurgen Klinsmann — U.S. men’s national team coach, helicopter pilot

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Jurgen Klinsmann

U.S. men’s national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has found a unique way to beat the LA traffic. (Nelson Antoine/AP)

By now you’ve heard the stories. U.S. men’s national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann flies helicopters.

Last January,’s Grant Wahl wrote that Klinsmann flew from his home in Orange County to U.S. training in Carson, Calif., via helicopter as a way to beat traffic and also spend more time with his family during the annual training camp.

Well, U.S. Soccer provided a chance for you to see that first-hand. Check it out for yourself — Jurgen Klinsmann, helicopter pilot:


I did look it up. By type, a lot of Robbies crash -- because there are a lot of Robbies. By flight hours, Robbies have an incident rate pretty much down the middle: some helos are more dangerous, some are less. I'd drive one no problem.


A Robinson R44 is a "helicopter"?  I guess in the literal sense.  But, those Robinsons (R22s and R44s) have basically been a source of an endless string of fatal accidents.  Look it up.